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My New Adventure July 25, 2012

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A few months ago, I got the idea of opening an Etsy shop.  I am in no way an expert seamstress or crafter, but I really love creating things.  Big Mister is the most amazing man in the world, and he has been extremely supportive.  He even went to the store with me and helped me pick out fabric and other supplies.  I tinkered around a little while and came up with a really cute case for my Kindle.  I made several before I was completely happy with the design, but I loved them enough to sell them on Etsy!

Big Mister was convinced that we had just hit a gold mine, so he encouraged me to open the shop with only a few items.  I do appreciate his complete confidence in me, but I was a tad more realistic.  I wasn’t completely set on only making tablet cases, and I didn’t want to list anything that I wasn’t completely in love with.  But, alas, I opened the shop with 5 items:)

I have been trying to allow the creative juices to flow for the past few weeks.  My artsy fartsy sister has some awesome ideas, and I am hoping that she will join me soon.

The name of my shop is CandyApple.  My Gram has called me that since I was born, and it seemed to be a fitting name for my shop.  I am excited to add some baby/kid items soon, and I would also like to create cases for other tablets: Nook, iPad, etc.  Here is a little look at a few of my finished cases.

But the coolest part of this whole thing is that I just made my first sale!! I sold this cute striped Kindle case yesterday to a girl from China:)  I was super pumped, and I feel that I have been given a new surge of creativity… and a little confidence.

Here is a peak at a personalized blanket idea I am working on.  I made this one for the Little Mister.  It matches his nursery and is the perfect size for him to drag around and cuddle with.

So if you are interested in taking a look at my shop, here is the link: CandyApple . I only have a few postings because I am waiting to completely launch the shop when I have all of my items ready.  So come back frequently and check it out!

Feel free to email me at cmcoker1@gmail.com if you are interested in something you see on my blog today!  I welcome any requests!



3 Responses to “My New Adventure”

  1. simplyk8 Says:

    Love your store:) I will get Oscar to buy me an IPAD so I can buy your case:)

  2. Marmee Says:

    I LOVE your blog! Just read it this morning, and it is soooooo good! Well written, funny, pics are great, and ideas are wonderful! You go girl!!!

  3. bigredhead42 Says:

    I want an iPad case…your creativity is awesome!

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