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My New Infatuation with Dough July 18, 2012

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A few months ago, Big Mister convinced me that we needed a bread machine. I was not too keen on the idea.  I hate those oversized loaves and humongous counter space wasters.  But, I now have one.  I made a couple of loaves in the machine and was pretty impressed with how easy it was.  Throw a few ingredients in the pan, come back in 3 hours, and there she is:  a huge loaf of bread.  But I was still not crazy about the shape and size of the slices.

As I started Googling and searching Pinterest for bread machine recipes, I realized that a lot of people use the dough setting only and finish baking the bread in the oven.  I was instantly a fan. I made pizza crust dough.  I made french bread and created the perfect loaves.  I even made donut dough and fried up a dozen donuts for myself.  It only takes 90 minutes, and I have perfect risen dough.

As I continue to experiment, I have realized that yeast is nothing to be afraid of.  I have graduated to making my own dough in my Kitchen Aid mixer with a dough hook.  One of these days I may even knead it by hand. But why rush?

My next dough task to conquer was pie dough. My mother makes the most wonderful pie crust. She even wrote down the recipe the first time she came.  But every time she comes to visit, I talk her into making a pie for Big Mister:) Well, last weekend, I finally did it myself.  And, I must say, she turned out beautifully.  I have already made it twice:)

My next dough to tackle? Cinnamon rolls.

Here are the links to the awesome recipes I have used:

1. Homemade Yeast Doughnuts

2. Bread Machine French Bread

3. Emeril Lagasse’s Pizza Crust (for Kitchen Aid mixer)

Yum Yum Carbs!




One Response to “My New Infatuation with Dough”

  1. Ginger Goforth Says:

    If Cinnamon Rolls are on your list, you should check out the Pioneer Woman’s recipe is fabulous and somewhat easy to make. Your family and friends will love you for making them! 😉 Love your blog!

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