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The New Me July 12, 2012

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I am blogging again! For those who actually read my blog in the past (dad), I apologize for my absence.  I have a 10 month old, which should explain my 10 month sabbatical.  I decided that with my comeback, I would change everything.  So, here I am on WordPress, just trying it out.

I have decided to do more of a topical blog to show you that I can sometimes be organized.  Ha.  We’ll see how long that lasts.  I would love to share with you the comings and goings of our family of 3.  We live a simple life, but we have fun.  The Big Mister and Little Mister are my entire world, and I am excited to show them off again!

This time around, my blog will show some of the daily happenings around here.  Now that I am staying home, I am trying to cultivate a few creative saplings that I have found buried deep down in my brain.  My sewing machine has become a renewed acquaintance, and I am enjoying my attempts at being crafty.  I also have decided there is no reason to not use my kitchen.  I have no more pregnancy excuses or “my baby still doesn’t sleep through the night” …yes, my friends. After 9 and 1/2 extremely long months, the Little Mister is a real sleeper. (More on that later.) So, I look at food blogs daily and search my small collection of cookbooks to find something exciting to cook…and eat.

This blog will be a place where I share “What I Made Today”, good books I am reading or have read, products I have either tried or want to try or never will again try, and the funny stories that make up my day.  So, here we go again!  I hope you enjoy experiencing A Day in the Life of Me and Mine.



One Response to “The New Me”

  1. Judith F. Watts Says:

    I enjoy keeping up with you and your “two Misters.” All of you girls are so sweet and pretty and proud of your families. I think that is wonderful and I am loving learning more and more about all of you. Your skirt is darling! Love, Aunt Judy

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